About Us

I'm a publisher and a bookseller with more than 30 years of experience in the book trade. I'm specializing in bibliography, art and history of the book, science, old Church Slavonic books, books in Slavic languages, Eastern European history, travels and topography. Some of my clients include Harvard University, Bibliothèque nationale de France and important private collectors. I am a member of the Art & Antique Dealers' Association of Poland (SAMP) and of the International Federation of Art and Antique Dealer Associations (CINOA) and adhere to their codes of ethics and professional standards. Twice a year I'm publishing printed catalogues and occasionally issuing printed and electronic lists. This site contains part of my stock about books: bibliography, book arts, history of the book, book collecting, book trade, and examples of finely written, printed, illustrated, illuminated or bound books. My full offer can be found at biblioleopolis.com or ABE.

V. D.